Fort Irwin, April 27 2019

Brianna and I signed at the Writers of the Future display at Fort Irwin last month.

It was an honor and a blast to see our current crop of soldiers at the National Training Center.

It was Todd’s birthday. He said: “I couldn’t help but think (as a vet) of better way to spend my birthday than hanging with troops.” 

Snow Serpent is coming

We’re really excited about this latest addition to the Twin Soul Series. From the back cover:

Pallas was a snow serpent…

…and an angry snow serpent can freeze the whole world.

For two centuries, the sea god, Arolan, had kept Pallas captive in the bitter north at the cost of being frozen himself. All that changed when Captain Ford of the airship Spite freed Arolan.

Now Arolan is free….

… and so is the snow serpent.

And Pallas is very, very angry.

What can Ford and his fellows do to save the world from a new ice age?

We’re very pleased to announce that Snow Serpent is available for pre-order from It will be generally available May 22nd.

Cloud Conqueror

In case you didn’t notice, our latest book in the Twin Soul Series, Cloud Conqueror, is on sale at all fine sellers everywhere.

This second addition to the series is a ‘sidequel’ which looks at the events written in Winter Wyvern from the viewpoint of the crew of the royal airship Spite.

Get it today!

Available at


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